Stav Weapons Class

Graham with Ivar Hafskjold, many years ago
Training with the Spear

With Graham Butcher

Mondays 7.30 – 9pm

The weapons used in Stav training are the staff, axe, spear, longsword and cudgel or walking stick.

Training includes:

  • Staff exercises
  • Two person staff drills
  • Runic stances
  • Axe training
  • Longsword Training
  • Nine partner drills with the axe
  • Strikes and thrusts with staff and spear
  • Nine guards with staff and spear
  • Cudgel strikes and thrusts
  • Cudgel defence against axe
  • Cudgel defence against cudgel
  • Training fees are £25 per month to be paid by standing order. This fee entitles you to up to 5 classes a month.

    For more information please email Graham or telephone him on 0771 358 5954.