Defend your space

Introduction to Self–defence Seminar

What are the real essentials of self–protection?

Sunday 16th of July 2017, 2pm until 5pm – Instructor, Graham Butcher

This event is suitable for experienced martial artists. Yes, I am sure you can handle yourself but sometimes we need to be reminded that resolving situations harmlessly is better than getting into fights.

This seminar is also appropriate for those with little or no martial arts experience. Most situations are best resolved without hitting people anyway.

The key to managing hostile situations is awareness, together with the ability to keep calm and relaxed. When under pressure it is important to only take action that is absolutely necessary. If you have confidence that the action you could take will be appropriate and effective then it is easier to remain aware, relaxed and calm. It also helps to know the nature of fear. Once you understand the physiological response to threat and danger it is less likely to overwhelm you.

Do I know what I am talking about? I will be drawing on 45 years of training and study of martial arts including 25 years under Ivar Hafskjold. I have experience of working in mental institutions and some rough schools and I have trained with teachers such as Geoff Thompson and Marc McYoung.

We will begin with learning the four principles of what I call Peacock Kung Fu. PcKf is based on observing the behaviour of a peahen I had the privilege of getting to know quite well. Creatures such as peafowl have a very simple but effective approach to keeping themselves safe. If such a system is basic enough for a bird brain to use then it is going to be easy for a human being to understand.

From there we will explore the essential skills for managing conflict situations. It will be basic and simple, nothing fancy and hard to remember. In hostile situations your well being, if not your actual survival, often depends more on what you don't think, say or do than any action you do take.

See the list of topics below and you can get your own pdf copy of Peacock Kung Fu by clicking here and going to the bottom of the page.

Course content will include:

  • Being aware of self–defence on energetic, social and physical levels
  • The four principles of Peacock Kung Fu, dowload the free pdf from the here. When you get to the page, either read the article or scroll straight to the bottom of the page.
  • What is fear and how does it affect you?
  • Five postures for managing distance and contact
  • Making effective use of fore arms and elbows
  • Breaking away from an grab
  • protecting space standing
  • protecting yourself on the ground
  • Using a very simple form of wrestling to develop coordination and confidence
  • Venue: Lift Fitness Gym, 3 to 5 South Street, Crewkerne

  • Insurance, you will be added to our insurance register for this seminar. I will require your full name and date of birth in order to register you.
  • Cost for this seminar is £20,

    Please use the pay pal button below. Or, if you would prefer to pay by Bank Transfer please email me and I will send you the account details.